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Carefree Cairo Crinkle
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Introducing a new fabric, Cairo Crinkle!  This is the kind of fabric that feels like your favorite shirt from the moment you put it on.    This textured, crinkled fabric is 55% linen / 45% cotton, for those of you who love natural fibers, but don't like the thought of ironing.   Point of interest, the first item I made up in this new fabric was the Swing Tunic in the Black, and I wore it for 24 hours straight, including to sleep in, because I wanted to test it out.   Photograph shows the results.    It is  medium weight woven, textured fabric that wears really well,  the linen makes it a stronger fabric than a 100% cotton fabric.  Although it is a woven, it's not completely rigid, it has about 10% give to it horizontally, so it acts a bit like a stretch fabric.    For those of you who own some of our Chevron Cotton fabric, this is a similar weave, but not quite as heavy.

Cairo Crinkle will shrink a bit on the initial washing.   Please note that all lengths given are taken from garments that have been laundered and shrunk, so we're giving you the finished lengths.  When you first receive your new Cairo Crinkle items, they will be longer than the listed measurement, to account for the shrinkage factor.   If you happen to want to avoid that shrinkage, simply hang dry  your garment instead of machine drying it, but we're assuming that most of you will want to machine wash and machine dry these items, cause hey, it's the fastest way to get on the road again!   (On average, tunics and pants will shrink 3" in length, and a long dress will shrink 4", so we cut them that much longer to begin with).    The fabric also pulls in a bit in width too on washing, but on the width, it comes back within a few minutes of wearing it on the body, once the fibers have had a chance to relax.   

If you don't see your favorite style listed, check with us,  it can be used with any pattern for woven fabrics, so anything from the linen, or denim, oxford cotton, chevron cotton sections.  Call or email if you have questions!   Email is or telephone 888-274-7499.


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Easy care natural fiber clothing that is makes you feel as good as you look!   This linen and cotton blend fabric gives you the best features of each of these great natural fibers.
Carefree Cairo Crinkle

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