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Our Fabrics

Fabrics are divided into 5 price categories, from the least expensive (1 star fabrics) leading to the most expensive (5 star fabrics).   


All styles are listed at the base, 1 star price.   Add $9 for each star thereafter.    


The categories are not a result of quality, per se.  Certain fabrics just cost more than others, by their nature.   We always try to get the best fabric available of each type. 


While looking at our available fabrics, you may want to note the results of our shrinkage tests on each fabric, as it may affect what length or size you want to order.

 General shrinkage rule of thumb:  if a fabric has 5% vertical shrinkage, add 2" for a top or pant, 3" for a dress.

Peaches Apparel
1 Star Fabrics
Listing of all fabrics in our 1 star category

2 Star Fabrics
Listing of all fabrics in our 2 star category

3 Star Fabrics
Listing of all fabrics in our 3 star category

4 Star Fabrics
Listing of all fabrics in our 4 star category

5 Star Fabrics
5 Star Fabrics

View all Knit (Stretchy) Print Fabrics
Available prints in stretchy knit fabrics!

View All Woven (Non-Stretch) Prints
Available prints in woven, non-stretch fabrics!

View All Solid Color Fabrics - Knit and Woven
All available solid color fabrics, both knit and woven

Cotton Lycra Jersey Knit Fabric
Current Cotton Lycra Jersey Knit Colors

All Fabrics
All Fabrics
Featured Items
Here's a listing of all our available fabrics
Our Fabrics

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