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Who doesn't love a big comfy tee? Create your own perfect tee. We have 2 basic body shapes...straight cut and A-line. Each of those shapes comes in narrow, medium, or wide shoulders cuts, with a standard length of 38" long (you can order longer or shorter though). 

A01 - A-line, narrow shoulder

A02 - A-line, medium shoulder

A03 - A-line wide shoulder

A04 - Straight cut, narrow shoulder

A05 - Straight cut, medium shoulder

A06 - Straight cut, wide shoulder (Boyfriend Tee)


Once you'd decided on a basic body shape, it's matter of picking out your favorite neckline, sleeve, and shirt length.   


*Cotton Lycra Jersey is a substantial weight stretchy knit fabric. Precise shrinkage rates will vary between colors, but are generally about 5% for length only.  It does not shrink in circumference. 95% of shrinkage happens in the heat of a machine dryer, so it can be avoided by drying on very low heat, or hanging to dry.   If you wish to machine dry your tee (most people do) add an inch or two for shrinkage. 

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Big Tee's for Every Body!
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