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Special Requests


At Peaches we cut to order, which means that we can take your special requests to customize a Peaches garment.


Most of the items on the  website already have the option of picking your sleeve length and your garment length.    In addition, we can do other things such as:


Higher, or lower necklines                                                               $2

Lengthen or shorten sleeves                                                            $2

Cut a combination size.   (For examble,  make                                  $2

a tunic 3x through the bust, but 4x through the hips)                                                             

Make anything shorter                                                                     $2

Make anything longer                                                 $2 + additional fabric charge

Making things wider (a straight line, like a skirt)                                 $2

Add pockets, either in-seam or patch                                                $5

Slit  (adding, or  changing length)                                                    $2      


Other changes are possible, but they may require a custom pattern, for which there is a $35 one time fee.    Pretty much anytime you make a change that involves a curved line, that means that we need to make a pattern in order to be able to replicate it again.


Examples of this would be:

Changes to an armhole or width of a sleeve

Making a neckline narrower or wider

Extra flaring on A-line shapes


Clearly, it’s difficult to cover all instances of the variety of Special Requests possible, but these will give you an idea of what we can do.   In general, most  changes will result in a $2 fee.    Large changes may result in up to a $35 fee (for making a pattern).    If you have any questions, please feel free to email  me, , or call  Toll Free:  888-274-7499.  


*If changes other than length are made to a Peaches style, it MAY not be a returnable item.   Please ask if that is a concern for you.   If length is the only change, you man still return the item for a refund.


**Any additional fees will not be charged to your credit card before we have discussed your special requests and possible resulting fees with you.   We need your approval for any additional fees before processing any credit cards.


Another service we can provide is cutting and sewing  your own fabric.    You send us the fabric, and we will make it up in any Peaches style.     It is important that you discuss your project with us beforehand, so that we can advise you of how much fabric is needed, and what type of fabric will work for the style you want.    Prices are based on $57/hour labor charge.  Please email for assistance.  

Here is a guideline for sewing charges, to give you an idea:    A basic knit  tunic tee, $52,  a simple knit tunic with some details (a special neckline, slits, for example) $57, pants with no pockets, $48, a simple, straight type skirt with no pockets, $42,  a full, 6 - gore skirt $57,  leggings, $42,   Dresses will generally vary between $64 - $84.   Pockets are $5.   Our menswear shirt with all the details is $93.    You can make probably 90% of our styles with 4 yards of  58/60" wide fabric, just as a rule of thumb.   Exceptions possibly for longer, fuller dresses and sometimes our largest sizes, depending on the style and width of the fabric. 





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Information on customizing your Love Your Peaches garment!
Specially Made for You

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