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Send us your fabric!


Cut and Sew Services


In a Nutshell


Want to have a unique wardrobe? Don’t have time to sew?


Send us your fabric.  We will cut and sew it up in your favorite Peaches style.


Cut and Sew prices range from $40 - $95 on average.   


Most styles can be made with 4 yards of 58/60” wide fabric.


More Details


Currently all the styles in our Peaches Plus section have information about the sewing charges and how much fabric to buy.   We will be adding this information to other styles on the website as we go along. In the meantime, if you’re interested in one of these other styles on the website, please contact us for sewing prices and yardage needs.    


Guideline to cut and sew charges, prices are based on a $57 / hour labor charge.   


  Basic tunic / tee  $52

  Simple tunic with some details (a special neckline, slits, for example)  $57

  Basic top that is button front (we provide buttons)   $72

  Menswear shirt with full detailing is $93

  Pants with no pockets  $48

  Simple, straight type skirt with no pockets $42

  Full, 6-gore skirt    $57

  Leggings of all lengths   $42

  Dresses vary between $65 - $85


*Adding pockets to anything $5.   


You can make probably 90% of our styles with 4 yards of  58/60" wide fabric, just as a rule of thumb. Exceptions possibly for longer, fuller dresses and sometimes our largest sizes, depending on the style and width of the fabric.


You can also shop online for your own fabric, and then have it shipped directly to us.  Please give us a heads up if you’re doing that. Also, if you look at a fabric online and are unsure if it’s a good choice, email me a link to the fabric, and tell me what style you’re thinking about, and I’ll do my best to advise you.


Some online resources we love - probably the single best website for consistently good quality fabrics, with a wide selection, excellent customer service.  They do a great job of describing their fabric accurately. -  good for designer or unusual fabrics - good source of lightweight fabrics, plenty of knits - great resource for swimwear fabrics, other man-made fiber stretchy knits.  &  (these are the same company).  They have a great selection, and good prices and sales, but buyer beware, the descriptions are not always accurate, their shipping speeds are erratic, customer service is mediocre.  We recommend ordering swatches if time permits. If it doesn’t, it’s a good idea to have a Plan B option. Still, you can get some nice things at a great price, so don’t discount them entirely.  *note, when they say something is light weight, it’s REALLY light weight. What they call medium weight, I usually would call light. - hard to find, modern prints on jersey knit fabrics.   Their things do tend to be on the light weight side though. - Absolutely yummy, high-quality natural fiber knits and wovens. Not a huge selection, but what they have is amazing.


Also, I recommend checking out Etsy and Amazon.   The nice thing about those resources is that you can usually get a personal answer about a fabric they’ve posted for sale.


Love Your Peaches, Love Your Life!
Cut and Sew Services
Send us your fabric!

   Order Online or Call:  845-259-3704 

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